Enjoy Life’s Moments with Heavenly Cakes By Tanya’s New Gluten-Free Buttercream Frosting

Enjoy Life’s Moments with Heavenly Cakes By Tanya’s New Gluten-Free Buttercream Frosting

New Easy-to-Spread Heavenly Cakes by Tanya Buttercream Frosting Jars Pack a Great Taste

Heavenly Cakes by Tanya has found their batter and icing by launching 4 signature flavored Buttercream Frostings and the best part is they are all Gluten-Free. This fall, is the perfect time to dive into your culinary skills whether they are beginner or advanced with HCBT's Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Lemon or Almond flavored coverings.

"I want to bring a quality, homemade and most of all healthy cake toppings to bakers and moms everywhere," said Tanya Davis, Owner and Head Baker, Heavenly Cakes by Tanya. "As a child, I can remember my mother baking my sister and me homemade cakes every year for our birthdays. I did not realize how important it was to me that she put her time, love and effort into our cakes...Now I want to see others smile the same way." HCBT's Buttercream frosting is the perfect finishing touch to all baked goods for any everyday moment no matter how big or small.

  • PTA Meeting. We all struggle to be that perfect parent that brings homemade baked treats to your children's school functions. Purchasing a boxed red velvet cake but struggling with the choice of frosting? HCBT's Salted Caramel Buttercream frosting and a few crushed pecans are the perfect finishing touches to bring a delicious and visually appealing baked treat to life.

  • Celebrating Your Children's Birthday in the Classroom. Figuring out your child's classmates allergies can be a task. Choosing a tasty and healthy treat is now easier with the help of HCBT's Vanilla Gluten-Free Buttercream Frosting. Add this as a topping to any dessert of choosing and see how many other parents thank you for your keeping the well-being of their child in mind.

  • Sunday Afternoon Snack. Quality time with your babies or partner in the kitchen brings a smile that transforms into future memories. Whether you are trying to make macaroons for the first time or baking cupcakes, grab a jar of HCBT's Lemon or Almond flavored Buttercream frosting and sprinkles and have a blast.

Heavenly Cakes by Tanya four different Gluten-Free Buttercream Frosting are now offered exclusively through their website www.HCakesbyTanya.com for the retail price of $6.00. For more info visit their website or find them on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter with the handle: @HCakesByTanya


The feeling of love is best described as a touch of heaven. When we started Heavenly Cakes by Tanya, the sentiment of baking every treat with adoration was the driving force to ensure every customer received a slice of heaven. My mother was known for her amazingly tasting treats. I’ve always wanted to be known for creating dessert treats that were beautifully presented along with having an unmatched satisfying flavor & texture. Carrying on the tradition, 17 years ago I began making homemade goods for my children for their birthdays and special occasions. The look on their faces was always sheer delight and as they grew, so did their taste in food and what they thought to be visually appealing. The knowledge, skill and recipes my mother passed down matched with taking cake decorating classes has allowed me to annually see the gratitude on my children’s faces. Now, I want to see your smile.


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